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The designing process step-by -step of new pumps and pumps accessories

Magnetic drive pumps experts

GemmeCotti manufactures high quality Magnetic Drive Pumps suitable to handle chemicals and corrosive liquids. Our pumps are usually made in PP, PVDF or AISI316 but for special projects we can also offer pumps made in Hastelloy or Titanium. They can be used in many different...
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Do you know that GemmeCotti pumps can be used in car washing machines?

GemmeCotti pumps are used in many industries for different applications among which also car washing plants. Chemical pumps in car washes are installed with the main purpose of dosing and spraying water containing detergents and chemicals of various kinds through high-pressure jets. So...
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That’s how you can unload tank trucks and IBC containers

When you have to unload a tank truck or an IBC container you need to use a suitable pump resistant to corrosion that can be easily moved. That’s why we designed a pumping system which is portable and composed of chemical resistant mag...
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HCM pumps, the latest challenge of GemmeCotti technical office

One of the latest challenge of GemmeCotti technical department is the development of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps series HCM. These new pumps are designed with the innovative sealless mag-drive system and they are manufactured using thermoplastic materials highly resistant to...
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